Programs & Fees 2020-2021

Registration Fee $150 
Covers Insurance, Class Reach, Copies, etc.

Elementary Classes:
Kindergarten $2000
1st – 2nd $2500
3rd – 6th $3300

Middle School Classes:
 7th – 8th $4,000

High School Classes:
$800 or less/Class*

Payment options and discounts may apply.  Contact us for details.


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Legacy Alliance


Enrollment Fee
An enrollment fee per student is required each school year. This fee is non-refundable upon the student’s acceptance.
There may be other fees, so please be aware and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Legacy Alliance is committed to providing an excellent supplemental education program for home school families at an affordable cost. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible. Tuition costs are determined each spring for the upcoming year. The registration fee is non-refundable. For students withdrawing after a semester has started, the balance of that semester tuition is due.
Tuition payment options are offered to be paid by the year, semester or in ten-month payments (due on the first day of the month beginninog in July). A $20 late fee wil be charged for payments not received by the 10th of the month. The balance will be due at the time of withdrawal. Student records and transcripts will be released after the balance is paid in full.

As a non-profit organization, Legacy Alliance is permitted to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and companies. Monetary donations are used to purchase furniture, science equipment, library books, provide scholarships, etc. If you or family members wish to make a tax-deductible donation to Legacy Alliance or have items that might be useful for the program, please contact any Legacy Alliance Board Member.

High School Class*
Worldview, Literature, History, Spanish, Advanced Biology, Biology, Pre-Calculus and Geometry are $800 each.

Computer Applications & Technology and Introduction to Engineering are $400 each.
Life Skills & Finance Class is $200.
There is no charge for 9th-10th Grade Bible, as it is built into the History curriculum.

Legacy Alliance

5900 S Union Ave

Tulsa, OK 74107

(918) 960-0622