Parents Page

We couldn’t do this without you!

Parents Page

We couldn’t do this without you!

For this program to work as designed, you must remain actively involved. Legacy Alliance is not a traditional school, and you must be willing and able to give considerable time and effort to making the program work for your child. In order to assure optimum success for the students enrolled at Legacy Alliance, we must never forget that this is an alliance in every sense of the word. At Legacy Alliance, our teachers work with you, the home school parents, to provide an excellent academic foundation within a wholesome learning environment. The teacher will provide professional instruction, make the assignments, define appropriate evaluation tools, and keep permanent records. However, you and your child(ren) must understand that you, too, are still a teacher. Parents, teachers, and Board Members work together to ensure an excellent academic program in an environment that promotes spiritual and character growth. Our desire is for strong, godly character and developing their ability to evaluate the world from a Christian perspective. It works well for those families who share similar values and specific goals relating to the academic, spiritual, and character development of their children. For our hybrid program to function as designed, parents must embrace home education as a lifestyle, and must be willing and able to give considerable time as well as energy to assisting with their child’s education. From checking non-subjective homework, to helping coordinate field trips, experiments, etc., parents play a vital role in the success of Legacy Alliance.
Our calendar consists of four quarters of instructions. Parents are responsible for checking certain daily work (i.e., math, grammar, vocabulary, etc.) as determined by the teacher. Answer keys will be listed on the curriculum sheet. Teachers will provide parents with specific instructions in the class syllabus regarding that which will require their attention.
The teachers at Legacy Alliance will utilize a grading system to evaluate a student’s work. Letter grades based on a percentage system will be used for most academic subjects. Finalized grades are posted on ClassReach, our online management system.

To help our students act quickly and without confusion during emergencies, fire and tornado drills are held during the school year. Teachers receive detailed emergency procedures for their room, and will brief their students on the plans of action required. Your child’s safety is our primary concern.


Legacy Alliance’s policies and guidelines, including those designed to help prevent any type of abuse, are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment for the children entrusted to us for educational support. A safe ministry program has been implemented to provide policies and procedures to safeguard Legacy Alliance’s students. The teachers, staff, and Board Members of Legacy Alliance are trained and work to implement common-sense measures to ensure the safety of the Legacy Alliance students.


Because Legacy Alliance families come from such a broad geographic area, if any of the following public-school systems close, then Legacy Alliance will follow suit: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks or Union. Please check the KRMG website for the definitive listing of school closings. If students do not have the week’s assignments, they will be e-mailed to families by 10:00 a.m. so that work can be done at home.

School Hours

MWF: 8am – 3pm
Weekends: Closed

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What Parents are Saying

“I wanted to thank you for the instrumental role you have played in the spiritual development of my child.  Last night he placed his faith in Jesus and we couldn’t be happier!”

– Curtis M.

“Legacy Alliance has been a place of spiritual and educational growth for my children. We couldn’t think of a better place to partner up with, concerning our childrens’ schooling.”

— Angie B.


“Our family has been blessed by the community at Legacy. We are grateful for the accountability and the friendships formed here!”

— John & Nicci M.