Programs & Fees 2023-2024

 Registration Fee $150 
Covers Insurance, Class Reach, Copies, etc.

Elementary Classes:
1st – 2nd $3,375
3rd – 5th $4,270

Middle School Classes:
 6th – 8th $4,640

High School Classes:
$975 or less/Class*

Payment options and discounts may apply.  Contact us for details.


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Legacy Alliance

Registration Fee
A registration fee per student is required each school year. This fee is non-refundable upon the student’s acceptance.

Legacy Alliance is committed to providing an excellent education program for home school families at an affordable cost. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible. Tuition costs are determined each spring for the upcoming year. Tuition will be assessed for the classes being taken by the student(s) and may be paid with one of the following options: in full by June 1 or 10 monthly payments from June to March. First tuition payment is due June 1. Payments are due at the first of the month and are considered delinquent with a $20 late fee if not paid by the tenth. Tuition is due regardless of absence(s) including holidays, illness, vacation, hazardous road conditions, etc. Please contact the finance administrator for payment details, if you are beginning payments later than June or have any other questions/concerns.

For student(s) withdrawing after a semester has started, the balance of that semester tuition is due at the time of withdrawal. Student records and transcripts are released after the balance on the family account has been paid in full.

– Submit the student registration fee by May 1 to receive a $50 discount/student
– A 5% discount will be applied for anyone who pays in full by June 1.
– For families with multiple students we do offer a discount, where the most expensive student is paid in full and all other siblings receive 10% off.

As a non-profit organization, Legacy Alliance is permitted to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and companies. Monetary donations are used to purchase furniture, science equipment, library books, provide scholarships, etc. If you or family members wish to make a tax-deductible donation to Legacy Alliance or have items that might be useful for the program, please contact any Legacy Alliance Board Member.

High School Class*
Core classes such as Literature, History, Worldview and most math & science courses are $975.  Electives like Research Methods, ACT College Prep, Art/Music and other classes that meet for less time each week range from $177-$524.

Meeting at:

Fellowship Bible Church

5434 E 91 ST, Tulsa 74137

(918) 960-0622

Mailing Address:

303 E A Street, #1073,

Jenks OK 74037