Want to Apply to Legacy Alliance?

Part of what makes Legacy Alliance so great is that it offers a truly unique opportunity.  However, this means that there are distinctions between us and more traditional homeschooling or school – including our curriculum, schedule, volunteering and working with your child at home.  We hope you will consider these factors accordingly when enrolling.

During the enrollment process, each family is interviewed.  This process gives us the opportunity to explain our goals and objectives, in addition to helping you find the right fit for your family and student.    Families are  considered based on: Christian values, commitment to homeschool life, student academic and behavior assessment, family interview, and completed application.

We do not discriminate based on sex, race, color or nationality.  We do reserve the right to deny enrollment or re-enrollment to students with serious academic or behavioral difficulties, including but not limited to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, or severe physical handicaps.  Providing for the special needs of such individuals is beyond the resources of our program.

Legacy Alliance

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