dress Code

We recognize that standards of dress may vary greatly, even among Christians. However, our goal is to encourage modesty and simplicity so that clothing, accessories, and jewelry are not
a distraction to the learning process. Students should avoid drawing attention to themselves via fashion or hairstyle. 


We encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities at Legacy Alliance to build wholesome relationships with others. While Legacy Alliance parents differ in the nuts and bolts of addressing boy-girl relationships, all of our families are passionate about creating a pressure free environment where strong and healthy relationships can be built.

Legacy Alliance is a community of Christians with a set of shared beliefs in certain matters that affect our children. Legacy Alliance students enjoy a learning environment that is free from the pressures and temptations associated with pairing off. While we recognize that God has placed an interest in the opposite sex within young people, we strive to help them channel their energy and interests toward growing their relationship with Jesus, investing in family, and serving others. This environment encourages healthy friendships with fellow classmates. Our students find great freedom to enjoy relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ within this environment. Dating is strongly discouraged for students at Legacy Alliance. We encourage parents to study and pray, and to assist their children in developing healthy relationships, we emphasize the importance of frequent dialogue on this topic and setting clear boundaries.

Legacy Alliance

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